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September 14, 2020
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Keeping The Kids Out Of Your Hair With Garden Toys

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While it is a recent concern that kids are spending too much time in front of the television or computer, it is up to the parents to promote outdoor play. For added fun, there are a wide range of outdoor toys that can be purchased that will make any child want to play outside all the time!

One of the most popular types of garden toys are play sets that feature slides, swings and sandboxes. These play sets are made from sturdy wood materials and have options for expansions. Swing sets were once common amongst public areas, but now families can have the same jungle gym fun right in the convenience of their own garden.

Best of all, many reputable companies sell do-it-yourself kits that allow families to work together to build their own swing set. Customize yours by choosing the colours of choice, adding monkey bars or changing the type of slide.

Trampolines are another example of outdoor toys that are sure to offer plenty of fun and exercise for kids. Trampolines are always a hit and kids love the non-stop fun of jumping around right in their own yard. Trampolines were once believed to be unsafe for small children, but many of their recent advances and safety features greatly improve the use of trampolines.

Trampolines are enclosed with a safety net that protects kids from falling off. They are built to be sturdier and bounce kids back to where they took off from, preventing kids from colliding into one another. Of course, it is always recommended that only one child jumps on a trampoline at a time.

Of course, parents cannot forget the fun that sand brings to outdoor play. Sand pits make great garden toys and can be purchased separately or made to go underneath the jungle gym. Kids love the texture of soft, warm sand and have hours of fun building sandcastles and collecting sand in buckets.

In order to keep the sand clean and soft, many companies sell sand pit covers that can be used to cover the sand when not being used. These covers also protect the sand pit from bugs, animals and rainy weather conditions.
Perhaps one of the greatest garden toys for both boys and girls is a playhouse. Playhouses were once thought to be best for young girls wanting to role play, but the unique and innovative designs have led kids of all ages to find use for playhouses. Playhouses are made from a durable wooden material and can be built to look like a miniature house or a rugged fort. Complete the look by adding flowers, chairs and a mailbox.

One of the best ways to complete your outdoor toys is by adding an outdoor pool. While outdoor pools were once for people who had a large budget, the many styles and price ranges allow for just about anyone to have a pool in their garden. Having your own pool means that you don't have to rush off to the seaside on a warm and sunny day!


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