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June 27, 2020
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Beach Chairs Help make a Day at the Beach More Relaxing

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Beach chairs are not only practical and functional, they are also colorful and fun. I've noticed through the years that a day on the beach is fun and relaxing in direct relation to the toys and goodies you bring with you. The right chairs, umbrellas, and blankets or towels are some of the things that go in this category. Think how lame it would be to try to spend the day with your kids on a beach somewhere without something to sit down on. You would get tired, hot, and irritated in no time at all. And lunch would take on a whole new level of meaning wouldn't it? It's a no-brainer that the right chairs go a long way to making the day more comfortable and enjoyable.

The first time we bought beach chairs we really skimped. They lasted all of one season and had to be tossed out. The webbing frayed and split. The colors faded. They just weren't worth keeping. Looking back I realize now that I should have brought the same attitude to purchasing those as I generally do to other things. That is, buy the very best you can afford at the time and you probably won't have to buy again anytime soon.

Thankfully, we have since purchased some beach chairs that are going to last for many years. We actually got two different types. The first type has a frame made out of redwood. This is one of my favorite natural materials because it has natural oils that make it a perfect wood for outdoor, moist environments. It grays naturally over time and looks great. These are covered in a weather resistant fabric with color fast dyes. Everyone loves these. They are comfortable and they look great. The other kind we got has an aluminum frame that is covered with an equally long-lasting color fast fabric. I like these because they have a built-in table that lifts up by the side of the chair. There is a cup holder integrated into the table and it is large enough to comfortably settle a paper plate full of summer treats.

Beach chairs alone are pretty simple. They are basically just a perch for you to plop down in. They don't really do anything other than give you a place to park it. However, it is what they allow you to do that makes them so desirable. Being able to rest comfortably while you enjoy the day makes all the difference. Whether the day at the beach turns out to be a blessing, or a curse, has a lot to do with how relaxed you can be during the day. The heat and the sand can be wonderful, but if you are stressed out, they can be pretty annoying. The right beach chairs just help. It's a subtle but critical recognition.

So do yourself, and your family, a big favor and get some quality chairs that will last for years. You'll never regret it, and everyone will thank you.


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