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May 29, 2020
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Bakugan for Parents and Grandparents

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First of all, you're probably asking yourself, what is Bakugan? If you don't know it already you'll soon find out that Bakugan is the latest craze in children's toys straight from Japan. It seems very similar to me in many ways to many of those other anime based games such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Yo, or Digimon.

Each toy comes with two parts. The actual Bakugan toys are essentially small plastic, yet magnetic, marbles, that can morph into various action figures when rolled onto the metal game cards. Every Bakugan figure also comes with a metallic card that has a point value imprinted on it that are used to count scores.

I didn't even know the game existed until my niece introduced me to it one day. I watched her and a few friends excitedly play it for what seemed like days - gibbering and jabbering "bakugan-speak" one hundred miles a minute as they played.

After the other kids left I asked her what they were doing and she did explain it to me but I don't think that I could hear as fast as she was speaking and that I may have missed something. I do think I got the main details of the game however so I will try to explain what I now know about Bakugan to those other parents, grandparents and other misinformed adults needing to buy Bakugan supplies for the kids in their families this holiday season.

First of all, how do you play Bakugan?

It's important to have at least a basic knowledge of the game - you never know, you may be asked to play one day if your child has no one else to play with or you may need to break up a brawl if the kids get out of control during play. Even better, you will also get all sorts of cool points for knowing how to play - a definite plus!

To start the game, two to four players can play at the same time and each player must start out with at least 3 Bakugan figures and 3 cards. Play begins with the Brawlers closed into the marble shape - also called Sphere Mode. This is one game where the youngest player actually starts things off.

Whenever the Brawlers are rolled onto the metal Bakugan cards it will pop open into Battle Mode (where you get the see the actual action figure) if it hits the game card in just the right spot. If the Bakugan does not open up, then that player then loses a turn.

Whenever the Battle Brawlers are in battle mode you will also see it's G-Power which are used to count scores throughout the game. If an opponents battle brawler lands on the same card that your battle brawler is already sitting on then they will go into battle. The battle brawler with the higher G-Power rating wins the battle. At the end of the round, the child with the highest total of points wins the game.

Strangely enough, though extremely popular, the game of Bakugan also has an actual hidden educational value as well - because each of the players have to add or subtract the values of each figure and card throughout the entire game as play continues.

Here Are A Few Bakugan Tips for Parents

Keep in mind that these are relatively fragile, tiny toy items that require the users to be very careful because of all the small moving parts. Marble shaped, they are too large to fit in the nose or ear of a child however they could also be easily swallowed by your pets which could lead to an emergency trip to your veterinarian so please keep this in mind and keep the toys stored appropriately when not in use.

A few buying tips for parents are that you can purchase Bakugan in many different quantities ranging from a single marble and card to a set of several marbles with cards. There are literally hundreds of different toy figures on the market right now so there are many of them to choose from in all sorts of colors, types and price ranges.

Not only is this the hottest toy item in the toy world at this time but your child will be incredibly happy to get them. So, if you want to be the best parent, grandparent or friend on the planet, you should consider getting a few Bakugan for the child in your life right now.


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