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October 5, 2020
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How to Help Your Kids Get Organized

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It can seem as though your kids are not making any effort at keeping their rooms from becoming messy when all you can see in the rooms they use is clutter. But, often the real reason for the mess is just that children need to learn how to organize. Organization, like any skill, must be learned. When you make an effort to assist your kids in learning some simple ways to stay organized, you may be amazed at the difference it makes in the cleanliness of their rooms. Follow these quick tips to give your kids the skills they need to keep their rooms and lives free of clutter and mess.

Use Shelves Rather Than Toy Boxes

When kids use boxes for storing toys, their belongings will necessarily become mixed up and disorganized. Even though you may be tempted to let your children clean their rooms by dumping items in a toy box, doing so will only make more messes to clean up. When your kids are looking for a favorite play item, they will often need to dump the storage box completely in order to find what they are looking for. In addition, your kids' toys are much more likely to break or lose parts with this messy storage method. A solution for this problem is to use low shelves against the walls of the room rather than a toy box for toy storage. This will make it much easier for your children to keep their belongings in order and will encourage caring for their things as this storage method is also a manner of display. In addition, storage shelf units will help your child see the choices of toys available to play with at a glance when playtime arrives.

Control Paper Work Chaos

Many children have trouble organizing paper work. They often have lots of paperwork from school as well as giant collections of their own artwork, all contributing to creating much more chaos in a room than might actually be there. The first step is to assist your child in collecting and then sorting all the pieces of paper in their bedroom. Give them a filing cabinet or container to neatly store their school work. Or if your child is a prolific artist, decorate their bedroom walls with their own artwork that has been put in picture frames rather than leave pieces of creative art to remain in a pile of paper mess. Most children will be very proud of a clean orderly room as well as the fact that you want to display and honor their artwork. Once the paper mess is controlled by organizing techniques such as the school file and art work displays, you will find it is much simpler for your child to maintain this order in their room. School papers will be filed and works of art in picture frames will be able to be replaced with new works of art as they are available. Your child's artwork may also be used to decorate many other places in your home.

Shed Excess "Stuff"

Sometimes when you help your child learn to organize their room you discover that they simply own more "stuff" than they need. For kids who have an excess of toys, encourage them to select toys they no longer use to give to a favorite charitable organization. Make a habit of doing this regularly as your child outgrows toys. Remember to take this opportunity to discard or recycle any toys you find that have broken pieces. Then, practice the whole process again either prior to or following your child's next birthday or holiday celebration, so that you can make space for any additional toys they will be given.


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