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July 9, 2020
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How to Clean a Room Quickly Before Guests Arrive

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If you are expecting guests to your home and need to know how to clean a room quickly, then there are some tricks that you can use to get your clean show room ready before they arrive.

Cleaning a room should take no more than fifteen minutes, more or less, depending on the size and furnishings of your room. The instructions below will work for your living room area, a family room, a bedroom, home office, or guest room.

First, gather all of your cleaning supplies so they are convenient. This would include a duster and vacuum, at the minimum. In addition to these tools, you will need an empty container to put all of the items that do not belong and need to be moved into their rightful place.

You will not be putting everything away as you clean because you want to clean a room quickly and that will take up too much time. So you will collect all of the random items that you come across and put them into the container, an empty bag or an empty clothes hamper will work.

When you are ready, go through and collect everything that does not belong and put it into your empty container. This will get rid of the clutter and help you clean up faster. Random things would include any toys laying around that do not belong, clothes, knick knacks, games, and other things that need to be stored properly.

Now organize the items that are visible - quickly. Straighten up books, stack magazines neatly, arrange couch pillows and so on. This should take only a few minutes, if that, do not get distracted by the latest magazine you haven't been able to read or anything else.

After that, quickly dust on visible surfaces, this would include the coffee table, end tables, television stand, and other visible surfaces. Do not take the time to take down items in order to dust an entire bookcase, you can do that when you have more time. If you have pets, then you want to make sure that the pet hair is removed from the couch after dusting.

After dusting the visible surfaces, run your vacuum over the carpet or area rugs. This should be your last step after clearing out the clutter, arranging your furnishings, and dusting your visible surfaces. Also when vacuuming, do not take the time to move your furniture or try a new furniture arrangement. You want to quickly run your vacuum over the carpeting and rugs that are visible. When you have more time, you will be able to do a more thorough cleaning.

If you are cleaning a bedroom quickly, then still follow the same steps above, but make sure to make your bed as well. A well-made bed can go a long way in making a room appear clean and clutter-free.

If you have some spare time, you can clean any glass surfaces that look dirty and light a candle to mask any cleaning or pet smells that may be lingering.

After you are done cleaning your room quickly, you can store your container with your room clutter in a separate, hidden place, like in the laundry room or basement. Just remember not to forget it. When the guests leave, then you can take the time to put your random items back into their proper places.


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